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Mini-Summit Details

This mini-summit is a six week, self-paced on-line course. Each week a different module of a career strategy component will be released. Additionally, learners will be given the option to attend a scheduled, 1 hour virtual group chat with the instructor to address any questions about that week's content.

  • Six modules with each covering one of the career strategy components

  • Short, impactful video lessons that deliver the module content

  • Actionable guides, worksheets or checklists to support the learner

  • Recommended resources for additional learning

Course modules

    1. Welcome

    2. Course Navigation Tips

    3. Intro

    4. Career Strategy Recap Worksheet

    5. Quick Pre-Survey

    6. Vision Worksheet

    7. Wheel-of-Life-Template

    8. Personal Vision Statement: The Why? The How? The What?

    9. Wrap Up

    10. Zoom 11-27-2020 3pm CST PW Career

    1. Review and Intro to Module 2

    2. Personal SWOT Analysis Worksheet

    3. Personal SWOT

    4. Career Strategy Mini-Summit Zoom Chat PW 578011

    1. Review and Intro Module 3

    2. The Individual Development Process

    3. Pulling It All Together

    1. Review and Module 4 Intro

    2. Definition and Benefits of a Personal Brand Statement

    3. Brand Survey Question

    4. Create Phase of Personal Brand Statement

    5. Applying Your Personal Brand and Wrap Up

    1. Review and Intro to Module 5

    2. Company Comparison to Network Design and Management

    3. Personal Network Design and Management

    4. Networking Benefits

    5. Worksheet Assignment and Wrap UP

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Meet your course leader

Founder, JWP Coaching Debbie Platts

Debbie Platts is a leadership coach, small business consultant and professional speaker. As President of JWP Coaching, she works with emerging and established leaders to create a journey with purpose where clients successfully navigate the challenges of modern leadership and accelerate the pace of their personal and professional effectiveness. She is a committed and passionate coach who holds her clients accountable for taking productive steps that move them closer to their vision of success.  As a business consultant, she works with small businesses, professional associations and start-ups to clarify their vision and set impactful strategies that result in goal achievement and successful business results.  She is a registered pharmacist who received her pharmacy degree at the University of Texas, MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas and earned the Associate Coach Certification from the International Coaching Federation.  In addition to her priority of spending time with family and friends, she is a dedicated Pilates student and continues to challenge herself to never stop learning.